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My Name is
Jeff Ireland

I am Vice-President at Advantage  Sales and Marketing, a Retail Service Company in Charlotte, NC. I have given speeches on motivation and informational material over the past 25 years at regional, national and international levels. My honest approach and positive message are both enlightening and inspirational.

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Can I ask you a question?

“Believe in your values. believe in your abilities, believe in your dreams, and most important of all, believe in yourself.”

What I wrote

Park Road Plaza

Generational Diversity has always existed, but has now intensified due to the recent technology changes, the early entry of younger generations, and the late exit of Baby Boomers from the workforce.  Many managers have to deal with several generations on the same team.  It requires a deeper understanding of management and better understanding of people skills to handle a diverse staff, to satisfy their needs, and to get the best from the entire team while trying to retain individual talent.

Join Alex Steele as he uncovers the challenging differences between generations and develops a game plan to lead a better team.

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What I wrote

The Visitor

Life is good for Jeff as he rolls along with all of the wrong thoughts and goals in life.  He has fallen prey to the conventional wisdom of they, of them, of a standard that truly doesn’t matter although he is sure it does.

Tragedy strikes and when he is at his most vulnerable state of mind, looking for answers but not realizing it, the visitor introduces himself.  Almost as shocking as the relationship they form are the lessons he learns of an age-old philosophy from a man who has lived it.

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